Volume and Custom Product Sales Page

Last Modified: Monday, October 18, 2021

Volume Sales

TTGFA is very happy to work with individual and institutional customers to arrange larger orders.  

One rule of thumb:

If you need an order to arrive by a specific date, the earlier it is placed, the better, especially if you are interested in a hand-crafted or customized.

Please send TTGFA an email to get started.

Custom Product Sales

Do you need a genuinely unique gift for a conference, convention, reunion, get-together, hoe-down or the like?  Do you have an image you want to see either as work of wall art or as a desk accessory?  Something different entirely?

TTGFA can handle those requests where an image meets a surface.  Consider it to be TTGFA's secret menu.

Please send TTGFA an email describing what you need and we'll be happy to get the process started.