Texas Time Gifts and Fine Art FAQs

LAST UPDATED: Wednesday, 31 January 2024


Google and Yahoo have adjusted their respective requirements to receive branded email responses vis-a-vis Shopify.

These are bewildering to TTGFA's management.  It may take some time to get up to speed.

Please know that all customer emails will receive a response.  Shipping and order information will still be sent automatically.  Please be sure to check your SPAM box for any TTGFA emails.

Please always feel free to CONTACT Texas Time Gifts and Fine Art (TTGFA) if you can't find the answer(s) to your question(s) below.

Can I send multiple items to different addresses by way of one order?

At this time, TTGFA's online shopping platform only allows one delivery address per order.

In other words, an order can be shipped to one address; one order cannot be split between two or more delivery addresses.

TTGFA appreciates your understanding. 

Do I really get free shipping?

All domestic retail orders with a value of $70.00 (USD) or more receive free USA standard shipping; international orders are not eligible for this offer.  


There are two domestic exceptions to this offer:

Arranged volume orders, i.e. those for which the details of the sale are directly fashioned between TTGFA and the customer, and

Shipping-included items do not apply towards the necessary order total amount.

However, if a customer places an order which has one or more shipping-included items along with other merchandise which equals or exceeds $70.00, the free shipping offer applies to the non-shipping-included items.

For the United States and Puerto Rico, free shipping will be provided via UPS Ground service.  

USPS Priority Mail will be used for USPS post office boxes and AFO/FPO/MPO/DPO addresses.

Free Shipping and Discounts (Non-Drop-Shipped Purchase Total)

TTGFA offers different discounts for standard retail purchases.  If an applied discount reduces the purchase price below $70.00, the free shipping offer will not apply.

However, Customers can choose whichever option--free shipping or a 10% discount--saves the most money.  At the time of checkout, the shipping calculator shows the assorted carrier and service options.  Customers are encouraged to select the option which provides the better discount.

Orders, after the application of whatever discount, which total $70.00 or more, will receive free shipping.

Drop-shipped items do not apply to this circumstance.

International Orders and Shipping

TTGFA  offerrs international shipping to select delivery addresses with all requisite taxes, customs duties, etc., included in the overall shipping price.  These fees will be displayed at the time of check out.

International AFO/FPO/MPO/DPO Delivery Addresses

The USPS now requires a customs form to be included for all international deliveries to the above class of addresses. 

After placing your order, please immediately send TTGFA an email stating that the order will be going abroad, so that the correct customs form can be prepared.  Please do not identify the delivery country, area, etc.; just say that the order's going abroad.  No additional information is necessary.

How can I check the status of an order?

Customers will learn about the progress of their orders by way of a series of general emails sent to them automatically by TTGFA.

Customers may also check the real-time status of their deliveries by way of the free, cell phone-only app SHOP, created by Shopify.  Sleek, elegant, easy to use, SHOP provides step-by-step tracking up through the time of delivery.

If you do not yet have SHOP, please consider either downloading this app at the conclusion of the check out process or directly from Shopify.

Note: TTGFA's decision to offer SHOP is based on use and after testing other app options.  TTGFA receives no remuneration or consideration for this endorsement.

Please click to find additional information regarding order fulfillment time and the shipping process.

How do I return an order or report damaged merchandise?

Texas Time Gifts and Fine Art wants its customers to enjoy and feel fully satisfied with their purchases.

No worries if that's not the case.

Customers have thirty (30) days from the date of order to return their merchandise to TTGFA.  Please visit the Returns and Refunds page for the procedure and requirements.

Note: merchandise must be returned with unopened packaging and undamaged.  Merchandise with opened packaging, which is "used" or damaged will not receive a refund.

The protocols and options for damaged merchandise may be viewed in the Returns and Refunds page.

Can I cancel my order?

Sure, as long as the order has not yet shipped. Go to the CONTACT US section of the site, select CANCEL ORDER from the email drop-down menu and we'll take it from there.

However, if the order has already shipped, it cannot be cancelled.

Three-to-five (3-to-5) business days are required from the date of TTGFA's receipt of the cancellation request for the purchase price to be refunded via the Shopify payments system.

Service Provider Solicitations

TTGFA automatically discards or rejects all unsolicited service provider solicitations sent in all formats.