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LAST UPDATED: Thursday, 14 December 2023


Dear Friends:

Please remember to check your SPAM or JUNK email folders for your notices from TTGFA, especially if you are using a free provider such as Gmail, Yahoo, HotMail, etc.

TTGFA automatically sends customers order and payment confirmations, as well as the tracking information for your order for both UPS and USPS.

It happens frequently enough that TTGFA store emails wind up in either a SPAM or JUNK folder for whatever reason.

Please always feel free to contact TTGFA at ttgfa@texastimegifts.com if you did not receive your shipping information.

REMINDER: UPS provides near instantaneous tracking information as a matter of course.  USPS is slower--sometimes requiring 12-to-24 hours--in providing basic status information, unless you have a subscription to its tracking service.

Thank you,

Andrew, TTGFA

The Basics

Texas Time Gifts and Fine Art (TTGFA) is located in Austin, Texas, in the Central Time Zone (CST) of the United States of America, or six hours behind GMT (-0600 UTC).  All time references are CST.

TTGFA uses the United Parcel Service (UPS) and the United States Postal Service (USPS) as its domestic common carriers.  Carrier choice and delivery options for each are presented to the customer at the time of check out. 

UPS will be used for all International deliveries, i.e. any country not the United States of America and Puerto Rico.  Deliveries to U.S. Territories and Protectorates other than Puerto Rico are considered International.

APO/FPO/MPO/DPO and USPS Post Office Box addresses must ship via USPS.

All TTGFA domestic retail orders with a value of $70.00 (USD) or more receive free standard shipping via UPS Ground service or USPS Priority Mail for the specialty addresses listed above.

To be clear, free shipping applies only for domestic orders shipping to the United States or Puerto Rico.  International orders do not qualify.

There are two domestic exceptions:

The offer of free shipping does not pertain to those specific items which have shipping-inclusive (i.e. "Drop-Shipped") pricing.  Examples: all Dowdle Vintage Wooden Puzzle Box Sets, "Texas Fleet" Diecast Cars, etc., and

Arranged volume orders, i.e. those for which the details of the sale are directly fashioned between TTGFA and the customer.

If a customer places an order which has one shipping-inclusive item and other items which equal or exceed $70.00, the free shipping offer applies to the non-shipping-inclusive items.

All Shipping-Inclusive ("Drop-Shipped") Process and Order Information

Please visit USA Shipping-Included Information + Additional International Shipping Information Page for an explanation of all TTGFA procedures.

Free Shipping and Discounts (Non-Drop-Shipped Purchase Total)

TTGFA offers different discounts for standard retail purchases.  If an applied discount reduces the purchase price below $70.00, the free shipping offer will not apply.

However, Customers can choose whichever option--free shipping or a 10% discount--saves the most money.  At the time of checkout, the shipping calculator shows the assorted carrier and service options.  Customers are encouraged to select the option which provides the better discount.

Orders, after the application of whatever discount, which total $70.00 or more, will receive free shipping.

Drop-shipped items do not apply to this circumstance.

Shipping-Inclusive Item Delivery Options

Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer expedited service for shipping-inclusive items.

At this time, for all shipping-inclusive items, TTGFA can only offer domestic standard UPS Ground Shipping, its international equivalents along with domestic USPS Priority Mail for specialty delivery addresses. 

TTGFA appreciates your understanding.

The Process

Orders cleared for fulfillment by 3:00 PM CST Monday-Friday will be shipped within two (2) business days.  Orders clearing between 3:00 PM Friday and 3:00 PM Sunday will ship the next business day.  Please add one day to this schedule for any United States holidays. 

Please know that USPS is not open for business on United States holidays or Sundays.  UPS is not open for business on United States holidays and does not typically pick up deliveries over the weekend.  However, when possible, TTGFA will attempt to arrange a Saturday shipment pick up.

Estimated shipping times for shipping-inclusive items are found in the pertinent catalog pages.

Shipping options and rates presented at the time of check out represent the most economical rates available to TTGFA at the time.

International AFO/FPO/MPO/DPO Delivery Destinations

As of April 2020, the USPS now requires a customs form to be included for all international deliveries to the above class of specialty addresses. 

After placing your order, please immediately send TTGFA an email stating that the order will be going abroad, so that the correct customs form can be prepared.  Please do not identify the delivery country, area, etc.; just say that the order's going abroad.  No additional information is necessary.

Free Delivery Tracking App

TTGFA strongly encourages its customers to use the free SHOP delivery tracking cell phone app provided by Shopify.  This app provides thorough and detailed real-time delivery tracking. 

There is no desktop version of SHOP available at this time.

Note: TTGFA receives no financial remuneration or other considerations for its recommending the SHOP delivery tracking app.

Delivery Times

TTGFA cannot guarantee the delivery times of its common carriers, especially given the exigencies of the current COVID-19 state of affairs. 

TTGFA does not and will not have any delivery status information not already provided by SHOP or directly by both common carriers. 

December 2021 Orders

Please be aware that orders shipping after December 11th by way of either UPS or USPS may not reach their destinations by December 24th.  This deadline does not include the production times necessary for drop-shipped items.

This year, the earlier an order is placed, the better!

Shipping Insurance

Both USPS and UPS provide automatic fixed value shipping insurance for order deliveries.  The USPS amount is $50.00 USD for a domestic shipment.  The UPS amount is $100.00 for domestic and international packages.

Shopify offers TTGFA customers the opportunity to purchase supplemental shipping insurance to cover the full retail value of a customer’s entire purchase, less the shipping charge.

This supplemental insurance option is made available to TTGFA customers at the time of check out.  TTGFA highly recommends that its customers purchase supplemental insurance to cover the full value of their orders if that order exceeds the basic common carrier compensation amount.  The insurance rates are extremely reasonable.

Note: TTGFA receives no financial remuneration or other considerations for suggesting that its customers purchase supplemental shipping insurance.

Shipping-inclusive items with a retail price of $100 or more will be shipped automatically with full insurance.  See individual product pages for notification of this.  PLEASE NOTE: this insurance coverage applies only to the shipping-inclusive item(s).

For Damaged Merchandise, please see the Returns and Refunds Page

Problem Deliveries

Texas Time Gifts and Fine Art (TTGFA) is not responsible for any domestic or international order which is not delivered or is otherwise lost. 

TTGFA will not replace, refund, provide substitute merchandise or store credit for any missing  or undelivered order.

Shipping Address Accuracy

The customer placing the order is responsible for the accuracy of all delivery information requested at the time of order's placement, including the correct spelling of the order recipient's name, delivery address and contact information.  

Mailing label printing is an automatic process; TTGFA has no influence over nor a responsibility to review any delivery information for accuracy or proper form. 

"Undeliverable" Orders

TTGFA will notify the customer by email regarding any order returned to TTGFA as “Undeliverable.”  The customer will then have the option either of cancelling the order or paying again for the shipping required for a second delivery attempt.

If requested by the customer, TTGFA will cancel the order upon receiving the customer’s email authorizing this.  Funds will be returned to the customer’s method of payment within three-to-five (3-to-5) business days of cancellation.

Lost or Missing Deliveries

If, a customer discovers that a package is lost or has gone missing:

If supplemental shipping insurance has been purchased:

The customer must immediately contact the insurer.  The insurer will handle the processing of the claim.  Please do not contact TTGFA, as the store has nothing to do with this process.

If the customer did not purchase supplemental insurance:

UPS and USPS protocols exist to handle these unfortunate possibilities.

To review all relevant UPS procedures, please visit: https://www.ups.com/us/en/help-center/claims-support.page

To review all relevant USPS procedures, please visit: https://faq.usps.com/s/article/Missing-Mail-The-Basics

If the customer purchased a shipping-inclusive item:

Please CONTACT TTGFA immediately, as this requires a different procedure.

Again, TTGFA strongly recommends that its customers purchase full insurance coverage for their orders at the time of check out.

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT TTGFA if you have any questions regarding these policies.