Returns and Refunds Information Page

LAST UPDATED: Thursday, August 20, 2020


Texas Time Gifts and Fine Art (TTGFA) wants its customers to feel entirely satisfied with their purchases.  Alas, sometimes this doesn't happen.

TTGFA provides its customers with a free return shipping service via UPS.

Customers may return merchandise directly to TTGFA for a full refund of the purchase price—shipping charges are not included—within thirty (30) calendar days of the order being placed.  After this window expires, returns will not be accepted.

Before preparing the return shipping label, please note the following conditions:

1) The customer must return the merchandise in the same condition in which it was received: opened, "tested out," or "used" merchandise will not receive a refund.

2) NOTE: If the customer receives merchandise which arrives in a damaged state, see the Damaged Merchandise section below.

3) Upon receipt and acceptance of the returned item(s) in question, TTGFA will issue a refund for the purchase price. 

5) PLEASE KNOW: Upon issuing the refund, three-to-five (3-to-5) business days are required by Shopify's payment system to process the request and return the funds to the customer’s method of payment.  Texas Time Gifts and Fine Art cannot expedite this part of the process.

Returns Process:

Choose the carrier:

If the customer selected UPS as the order’s common carrier:

If you want to print your own label:

  • Please click on the order's UPS tracking number in any of the order emails received from TTGFA
  • Clicking on the tracking number will lead the customer to a page; click on the RETURN THIS PACKAGE button
  • A screen will appear requesting information, including package weight and box dimensions
  • There is an opportunity to offer feedback regarding your return; TTGFA would appreciate your honest reasons for returning an item; we genuinely want to know in order to improve our merchandise or quality of service
  • Please create, print and affix the shipping label to the mailing box in which the merchandise shipped
  • A return may be dropped off at a UPS Store, or a pick up may be arranged through the site

If you want the UPS Store to print your return label:

It is possible for any UPS Store to prepare your return shipping label.  Please take the merchandise to any UPS Store location along with the tracking number.

If the customer selected USPS as the order’s common carrier:

  • Please email TTGFA directly
  • TTGFA will generate and email a UPS Ground shipping label to the customer
  • Please create, print and affix the shipping label to the box in which the merchandise shipped
  • A return may be dropped off at a UPS Store, or a home pick up may be arranged through the site

Returning Gifts

Refunds can only be made to the purchasing customer; if an item is a gift, the refund will go only to the purchasing customer; the recipient of a gift cannot return the item(s) to TTGFA and receive either the refund amount or exchange the item for other merchandise.

Damaged Merchandise

Texas Time Gifts and Fine Art (TTGFA) makes every effort to ensure that its merchandise is in tip-top condition at the time of fulfillment and that it ships safely and securely.

Nevertheless, ordered merchandise can get damaged in transit to its recipient.

The policy for damaged merchandise is as follows:

Shipping Insurance

Both USPS and UPS provide automatic fixed value shipping insurance for order deliveries.  The USPS amount is $50.00 USD for a domestic shipment, $200.00 for an international package, subject to a number of conditions which vary by country.  The UPS amount is $100.00 for domestic and international packages.

Shopify offers TTGFA customers the opportunity to purchase supplemental shipping insurance to cover the full retail value of a customer’s entire purchase, less the shipping charge.

This supplemental insurance option is made available to TTGFA customers at the time of check out.

TTGFA highly recommends that its customers purchase supplemental insurance to cover the full value of their orders if that order exceeds the basic common carrier compensation amount.  The insurance rates are extremely reasonable.

Note: TTGFA receives no financial remuneration or other considerations for suggesting that its customers purchase supplemental shipping insurance.

If supplemental shipping insurance has been purchased:

The customer must immediately contact the insurer.  The insurer will handle the processing of the claim.  Please do not contact TTGFA, as the store has nothing to do with this process.

If the customer did not purchase supplemental insurance:

UPS and USPS protocols exist to handle these unfortunate possibilities.

To review all relevant UPS procedures, please visit:

To review all relevant USPS procedures, please visit:

Again, TTGFA strongly recommends that its customers purchase full insurance coverage for their orders at the time of check out.

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT TTGFA if you have any questions regarding these protocols.

Defective Merchandise

TTGFA stands behind the quality and completeness of all its merchandise.

If a customer receives an order in which the merchandise is defective, that is to say that the item in question arrived intact with no damage to the shipping box but is nevertheless "broken" or incomplete, please take the following steps:

1) Within 24 hours of discovering the defect, please email TTGFA; include a picture illustrating the defect in the body of the email

2) TTGFA will review the matter; if it is found that the item is indeed defective, the customer has the option of either: cancelling the order for a full refund or receiving a replacement item with free shipping.

3) The damaged item, including its packaging, needs to be returned to TTGFA via UPS Returns Manager.  Please see above for instructions.

4) The replacement item or refund will not be processed until the defective item has been received by TTGFA.