"Texas Longhorns" Artwork's Special Perspective

Of all the works of art sold by Texas Time Gifts and Fine Art, "Texas Longhorns" artwork proves unique. 

While most of "action" found within "Texas Longhorns" takes place within Darrell K. RoyalTexas Memorial Stadium, through its south end, you see a different perspective of Downtown Austin.

The artwork for "Texas Longhorns" provides a "reverse view" of what you see in all of the "Austin" items. 

For example, the State Capitol and the Frost Bank Tower assume a different prominence.  In "Austin" Darrell K. RoyalTexas Memorial Stadium stands towards the right background, whereas in "Texas Longhorns," it's the main focus.

It's a very cool opportunity to be able to offer two separate works which together provide a generous visual panorama of central Austin.