The Texas and "History of Cars" Connection

Let's talk about the two big Texas touchstones found within the "History of Cars" Jigsaw Puzzle.

The first is Route 66—also known as "America's Main Street," the "Mother Road" and the "Will Rogers Highway."  

A conventional way to describe Route 66 in Texas is to say that it slices straight across the Texas Panhandle, connecting Amarillo to either Albuquerque or Oklahoma City.

In a more figurative, hardcore country music way, you'd be right to say that Route 66 connects Dallas Alice to Tucumcari, following a few sharp turns here and there.

The second is ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons.  Look closely and THERE HE IS—rightfully so—within the picture.

Therefore, friends, the "History of Cars" Jigsaw Puzzle should help you, in the fullest and best sense, stay "bad and nationwide."