About Carlie, the Artist

[Carlie, the artist, composed her statement initially for her line of quilts.  However, Carlie's words apply equally to all of her works, from quilts to "Cowboy Boot" Christmas Stockings and everything else.]

Texas Time Gifts and Fine Art is proud to sell the assorted works of Carlie, an Austin, Texas-based quilter.

Carlie explains her work the best:

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and my work.

The basic fact is: a quilt will take as long as it takes to finish. Some take no time at all, others take months. It all depends. I may start with a pattern, but the fabric and placement tell me what to change or tweak in order to create something entirely different. That makes each and every piece unique. In the end, they are all works of art.
I hope you enjoy looking at them.