About Tina, the Artist, and Her Work

Tina is not only an Austin, Texas-based artist specializing in Fused Glass, Stained Glass and Glass Mosaics, but also a real-live native Austinite. 

Here’s a little bit more about her process in her own words: 

My hometown of Austin inspires me the most.  I love my town, which is why so much of my artwork centers on it.  I love the South Congress Avenue Bridge and our famous bats.  Of course, I love our state flower, the beautiful Bluebonnet.  I get to see the great Capitol Building every (work)day.

Creating my art makes me feel centered and happy.  Art should do that for everyone.  I hope someone can look at one of my creations and remember a happy time or a peaceful place of their own.  Or just remember what a beautiful place Austin is.  As I like to say, "Home is where the         ART is.”